Sunday, February 19, 2006

friends first

yes, we had to be friends first. Pie and i met at OpenDOOR in 1999 when we played in one of the first worship bands together. at that time, i was with someone else, but somehow i knew he had a crush on me. wasn't the other way around for me, but maybe i was in denial, who knows. to cut a long story short, August of 2002, a couple of months after my ex-boyfriend broke up with me, Pie started calling me. he'd ask me out to a movie, i'd make some excuse that i was busy. in actuality, i really wasn't interested. we'd end up talking on the phone. he'd ask me out again, and i gave him lots of excuses why i couldn't go, but eventually gave in. our first "date" he took me to the Peppermill in Santa Clara. that was the beginning of a series of dinner dates...then more spending time hanging out with each other...he was really good company, mostly coz i knew that he really cared about my well being.

it wasn't until July of 2003 that i realized i had fallen in love with this guy who had become my best friend. the rest, as they say, is history...


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