Saturday, July 22, 2006

this week

wednesday evening, Pie comes home and asks me where my car was. the last time i'd driven it was on monday evening when we took a drive to the mall. i stayed home all of tuesday, so i don't know when the car actually went missing. i called the police and immediately made a report. the officer who took my report told me my car was most likely taken by gang kids stealing cars just to get from point A to point B, then abandoning the cars some place else. after making the report, all that was left to do was wait and pray that my car would be found.

got a call from the police the very next car had landed up in a tow yard. was able to retrieve it by mid afternoon. sure enough as predicted, some gang bangers stole the car. they drove it from our apartment complex and parked it at an apartment complex about 2 blocks or so away....who knows where they went or what they did while it was in their possession. the management of that complex had it towed.

no obvious damage was done to the car. they took a few valuables from the car, but nothing important that cannot be replaced. i am really relieved they didn't take the most prized of my possessions that i leave in my car--a little stuffed dinosaur that Pie made when he was a kid. the thieves did leave some stuff behind, so hopefully that might help the police track them down. i don't want revenge; i just don't want somebody else getting hit by these gang bangers!!!

i learned from another police officer when i made a subsequent update to my report that the first officer who took my report is the guru of the car theft department. so i actually might see some follow up to this incident.

we picked up a Club for my car to hopefully deter future car more key in my keychain, but i am thankful to God for helping me get my car back. feel a little creepy tho coz i keep thinking the guys that stole it live in the area and probably recognize the car when i'm driving around....


At July 27, 2006 4:33 PM, Blogger Hazel said...

Oh dear. So sorry that your car got stolen. It will be a while before you feel secure in your own car but it will be worth it. At least it has been found with not much wear and tear.


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