Thursday, August 03, 2006

cooler sitting

thankfully, the air is cooling down around here. Dave and I are house sitting this week for some friends who live in Los Gatos. the first morning before we got there, some thieves had broken the window of their Volvo that was parked in the driveway. they had also broken into several other cars on the same street. the neighbor next door had his credit cards stolen. he told us that the police had just been into our house with guns drawn thinking the thugs might still be around. seems like nothing was stolen from our friends' Volvo nor were the thugs in the house. the flat screen TV's still there!

our friends have a golden retriever named Amber. she is really sweet, except she just got skunk juice sprayed on her several days before and she still stinks! Dave has taken responsibility for taking her on walks and feeding her. i haven't made it on the walks yet, but will have to walk her the next 3 evenings since Dave is busy. good for me to get some exercise!


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